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A4: Flanders Original Drag Racing Bar


 B4: Flanders Broomstick Bar

 C4: Flanders Broomstick Bar - Wider

1997 ShadowVLX


Broomstick Drag Bars

Stephen Stone from Long Island

1999 Sportster 1200


Blk Broomstick Bars

Steve Lange

 D4: Flanders Super Narrow Center Drag Bar - 18 Degree Bend

 E4: Flanders Super Narrow Center Drag Bar - 25 Degree Bend

 F4: Flanders Drag Handlebars, Narrow Center - 18 Degree Bend

 G4: Flanders Drag Bars, Narrow Center - 25 Degree Bend

2000 Yamaha V-Star


25 Degree Drag Bars

Jason Logue from LA

Softail Custom


18 Degree Narrow Center Drag Bar

Rick Riley

 H4: Flanders Drag Handlebars, Wide Center - 18 Degree Bend

 I4: Flanders Drag Handlebars, Wide Center - 25 Degree Bend

'98 Suzuki Intruder 800


18 Degree Drag Bars

Phil Rainsberger

 F2: Flanders 35 Degree Drag Bar


 The Leatherworks Saddlebags, Sissybar Packs and Tool Bags

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Handlebar Measurements

All measurements are made in normal riding position.

Height or Rise: Total height measured in a level plane.

Pull Back: Vertical lines from the furthest forward to rear in a level plane.

Center Width: Straight flat section before the start of the bends.

Width: Total overall tip to tip width, no grips or bar end weights.

New cables and new brake lines? When buying new bars, a rough formula to follow is to measure the increased heigth + 1/2 the increased pullback that the new bars will give you. This amount will be very close to how much additional cable and brake line that you may need. However, the best method is to fit the new bars to the motorcycle and then make the increased length determinations, if needed at all.

Additionally, make sure to allow room for your new bars to clear your gas tank on full lock turn.