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Flanders Handlebars for Harley Davidson and Metric Bikes

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 Flanders Handlebars - 1 Inch

 Flanders Handlebars - 1 Inch

 Flanders Fats 1-1/4 Inch Bars

 The Original Tall Apehanger Bars®

 Original Tall Apehanger Bars® Wider

 Flanders Aught Bar "0"

 Flanders #1 Bars

 Flanders Handlebars #1 Wide

 Flanders #2 Bars

 Flanders Ultra Apes Handlebars, Apehangers for Dressers

 Flanders Vintage Triumph Type

 Flanders Vintage Indian Type Bars

  Flanders Classic Handlebars

 Flanders Low Cafe Handlebars

 Flanders Handlebars - Low Cafe - Wide Center

 Flanders Cafe Bars

 Flanders Cafe Bars - Wide Center

  Low 883 / XL1200S® Type

 Flanders Handlebars - Bad Boy Bars® Type

 Flanders TT Bars / Flat Track Bars

 TT Bars / Flat Track Bars ( Roadster Bars ) - Wide Center

 Flanders Swept Back Flat Track Bars

 Swept Back Flat Track - Wide Center

 Beach Bars or Knucklehead Handlebars® - Four Sizes

 Flanders Cafe Handlebars, Flat Track and Motorcycle Beach Bars

 Cruiser Style Handlebars

 Springer® Buckhorn® Style Plus 2"

 Springer® Buckhorn® Style

 Buckhorn® Style Plus 4"

 Ultra Classic® Style Narrow Bars with 2" More Pullback

 Ultra Classic® Style Narrow Handlebars - That are 2" Taller and plus 2" more Pullback

 Springer® Buckhorn® Style, Ultra Classic® Style and more

 FX / XL Buckhorn® Type Bar less 1" Height

 Stock FX / XL Buckhorn® Type Bar

 FX / XL Buckhorn® Type Bar plus 2" Taller

 Super Glide® Type

 Super Glide® plus 2" Taller

 Z Bars

 Z Bars - Taller

 W Bars

 W Bars - Taller

 Buckhorn and Super Street Type
   Flanders 7/8" Buell Touring Handlebar






 Flanders Original Drag Racing Bar

 Flanders 26 inch Broomstick Handlebar

 Flanders 29 inch Broomstick Handlebar

 Drag Bars Super Narrow Center - 18 Degree Bend Drag Bar

 Drag Bars Super Narrow Center - 25 Degree Bend

 Drag Handlebars Narrow Center 18 Degree Bend

 Drag Handlebars Narrow Center 25 Degree Bend

 Flanders Drag Bars, Wide Center - 18 Degree Bend

 Flanders Drag Bars, Wide Center 25 Degree Bend

 Flanders Drag Handlebars, 35 Degree

 Flanders Drag Bars

 Road Glide® Style Bar

 Beach Grande Bar

 Narrow Clubman Bar

 Wide Clubman Bar

 Road Glide® Bar, Beach Grande Bar and Clubman Bars

 Mini Ape Style Handlebars

 Speedster® Style Bars

 Heritage® Style Bars

 Flanders Ultra Classic® Handlebars

 Tall Ultra Classic® Style Bars

 Flanders Drag Handlebars, 35 Degree

 Mini Ape, Heritage® Style, Ultra Classic® Style and more

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars - Wider

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars - Narrow Center

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars - Narrow Center and Taller

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars - Taller

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars less 1" Height

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars Bar plus 2" height with Extra Pullback

 Flanders Cruiser Handlebars

 Spaghetti Six Bend

 Flanders Pullback Handlebars, Wide Max

 Flanders Medium Width Pullback Handlebars

 Deep Tiller Six Bend

 Standard Six Bend

 Original California Pullback Bars

 Original California Spread Pullback Bars

 Six Bends and Pullback Bars






 These Bars are 1-1/4" across the center and require the use of 1-1/4" diameter riser clamps - All styles come in Chrome or Black

 1-1/4" Touring Handlebars

 1-1/4" Fat Beach Bars

 1-1/4" Fat Drag Bars 35 Degree Bend

 1-1/4" Mini Ape Bar

 1-1/4" Apehanger Bars

 1-1/4" Wide Apehanger Bars

 1-1/4" Wide 25 Degree Bend Drag Bars

 1-1/4" Wide 18 Degree Bend Drag Bars

 1-1/4" Broomstick Bars

 1-1/4" Drag Bars - 18 Degree Bend

 1-1/4" Wide TT Bars

 1-1/4" Bad Boy Bars



















 Flanders Handlebars :

Flanders Company has been producing high quality handcrafted handlebars since 1945. All of the Handlebars featured on the following pages are made of high quality seamless cold drawn steel tubing. They're polished, bent by the mandrel method thereby eliminating unsightly flat outer sections and then chrome plated or black powder coated to perfection.

Handlebar Measurements

All measurements are made in normal riding position.

Height or Rise: Total height measured in a level plane.

Pull Back: Vertical lines from the furthest forward to rear in a level plane.

Center Width: Straight flat section before the start of the bends.

Width: Total overall tip to tip width, no grips or bar end weights.

New cables and new brake lines? When buying new bars, a rough formula to follow is to measure the increased heigth + 1/2 the increased pullback that the new bars will give you. This amount will be very close to how much additional cable and brake line that you may need. However, the best method is to fit the new bars to the motorcycle and then make the increased length determinations, if needed at all.

Additionally, make sure to allow room for your new bars to clear your gas tank on full lock turn.