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1996 Kawasaki 1500 Classic - California model


Wide Center Beach Bars

Matt from CA

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(I chopped 2"s off back of stock seat pan then sent it to Sargent
and they put a thin (1"?) layer of high density foam on the pan
and reupholstered it for a very low, sleak ride)

Bought used already custom painted (purple with gold pinstriping)

 Sargent custom seat

 Dyna 2000 Performance ignition

 Kuryakyn Hypercharger air cleaner

 Roadhouse Pipes with sharkfin tip

 Mustang Wide Nostalgic seat (not pictured) *Saddlebags

Kuryakyn ISO-Grips

 Arlen Ness Big-Eye Stepped Mirrors


 170 Main Jet

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