"I've been running your family's product on everything I build and ride exclusively since the '60s. I've got more little yellow stickers stuck to my "gearage" wall than nails in the studs. Keep up the good work."

1951 FL changed over to foot shift and hand clutch

SRC650-08011 Flanders #1 bars

(NOTE: if you have pre-1982 controls they won't work with the bars Flanders now makes. All our bars are made for 1982 and later stock controls.)

The Bountyman

On About.com's Motorcycle site where I answer tech questions and talk about bikers in general. It's called "Bountyman on Bikes & Bikers" and can be found at:
"I own three Harleys Jim. My original that I started riding with in 1967 is a 1940E knucklehead that sits out in the garage under a tarp waiting for my grandson to grow up. The one I sent you showed your bars in a good view and also sits out in the garage in case I have to do anything to my daily ride. It's a 1951 FL changed over to foot shift and hand clutch. My everyday ride I bought in 1969 and has drag bars on it that you really can't show off, so that's why I sent the picture of the '51. It's got a grafted frame, 96" S&S wheels, headwork by Branch®, Sifton® 468S cam, well, too much to mention has gone into it over the years. Good luck to you and yours at Flanders."

"Live Fast, Ride Hard,...leave a good-lookin' corpse!"
~Motorcycle Wisdom~

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