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 Colored Leather, Colored Studs and Colored Piping



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 Colored Studs and Colored Piping





 Information about "Bolt-on Ready" and "Throw-over" Saddlebags:
 For an even stronger saddlebag with greater structural stability, the Leatherworks has reinforced all bolt on ready bags with ABS plastic that is the full size of the back, not just strips. The plastic is about 0.25 inches thick. This is done for all bolt on bags and all larger throw over bags, including the 110 saddlebags. (if you order Easy Brackets from American Side Road Cycles, we’ll make sure you get the proper support).
The Leatherworks "Bolt-on Ready" saddlebags have specially reinforced backs. Mounting hardware (bolt-on brackets) is not provided. You may purchase this hardware from your dealer, a trusted aftermarket supplier or from American Side Road Cycles - the Leatherworks bags are designed to work with just about any bolt-on system out there. We sell Easy Bracket brand bolt-on hardware systems that you can purchase with the bags or separately. The reinforcements are designed to work with any bolt-on system that is currently on the market. Because the Leatherworks saddlebags are designed to fit multiple motorcycle makes and models, as well as just about any OEM and aftermarket bolt-on system, it is not practical for them to pre-drill the holes in the back of the saddlebags (can you say "Swiss cheese"). You'll need to do this to properly fit these saddlebags to the bolt-on system you select. The other reason is that everyone has their own preferences as to how high/low or back/forward they want to mount their bags. Because of these preferences and the different systems, we've found it best to not pre-mount anything. 

 The Leatherworks "Throw-over" saddlebags are designed with an adjustable zippered yoke that connects the two sides of the saddlebag together. On the zipper detachable bags, they have straps across the back which go between the bike and the bag on the support brackets. In other words, the support brackets slip between these straps to hold the bags in place. This yoke is designed to go under the seat. We highly recommend saddlebag supports for throw-over bags. These are fairly common "U-brackets" that keep the bags from getting caught in the shocks, gears, wheels and other parts of the bike. We offer these "U-bracket" type supports from MC Enterprises. The Leatherworks warrantees do not cover damage caused by the lack of proper saddlebag supports. The use of lowering kits with Leatherworks Saddle Bags is not recommended.

 Zipper to Zipper Yoke Measurements :
 Dyna Yoke - For Dyna Series = 15 inches
 Standard Yoke - For all others = 13 inches
 Sport Yoke - For Sportsters 1994 & up and Dynas 2003 & up = 17 inches
 Honda Yoke - For all Honda Bikes = 13 inches
 Adjustable Yoke - For all Bikes = 11-1/2 to 17 inches
 Fatboy Yoke - For all Fatboys with stock exhaust on 1999 and older bikes = 10-1/2 inches