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 Limited Time Sale Price $169.65 Easy Brackets Bolt-on Saddlebag Systems for Victory Bikes

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 Bolt-on Hardware Systems from Easy Brackets! The Easy Brackets System is a clean mount bolt-on system, has its own built-in locking mechanism (versus a padlock based system) and angles out less from the bike versus other brackets systems. (5 degrees versus 10 degrees) . All necessary hardware required to mount the brackets to your motorcycle is provided with your order. You do not need to purchase saddlebag guards or other saddlebag support hardware. The kit comes with four (4) electro-polished stainless steel docking posts and bolts that mount to your motorcycle fender rail. (The docking posts and bolts are electro-polished to give them an attractive chrome-like look.)

Because we make our Easy Brackets specifically for your Victory Polaris motorcycle model, you will receive all of the correct hardware with your order. The docking posts and bolts are especially designed to work perfectly with your Victory Polaris motorcycle, eliminating the hassles of adding spacing washers to either line up the docking posts or to achieve a good, tight fit.

Simply replace your existing fender mounting bolts with longer bolts (provided) and then the docking posts. The brackets then permanently mount to the back of the saddlebags (all mounting hardware provided); the bracket / saddlebag then slides onto the docking posts and secures into place with the built-in, covered, barrel lock. To remove, simply unlock and lift the saddlebags off. (Be sure to check out our handy Easy-Totes that convert your saddlebags into an easy to carry piece of luggage.)

Easy Brackets are made from high-quality 10 to 12 gauge steel and are equipped with a barrel key locking mechanism. This barrel key lock provides extra security and increased safety when the saddlebags are mounted on the motorcycle.

These wonderful bolt-on saddlebag supports provide easy on-off latching for your bags. You don't need an engineering degree or a dedicated afternoon to install. Other than a drill (to drill the holes in your bags), the Easy Brackets do not require any special tools. Most hard, flat back saddlebags work with Easy Brackets. Each side has a carrying capacity of 15 lbs. If you have a detachable backrest and/or luggage rack, simply purchase the correct Easy Bracket kit depending on your situation, or if one isn't directly available, notify us or your dealer so we can ensure the correct hardware is sent with your order-- no need to order additional, costly, adapter kits.

Your Shipping Price: $0.01 for UPS Ground shipping for all Easy Brackets orders to be shipped within the main contiguous USA only

 Victory Polaris Easy Brackets Bolt-on Saddlebag Systems

 Polaris Victory :

 V92C: This model is used on the V92C with various accessories. The kit comes with all necessary hardware to install with stock fender, fender rail or modular rack system or fender rail/backrest combination. The docking posts attach to the two center mounting holes in the fender rail.

Limited Time Sale Price  $169.65

 Victory Vegas & Kingpin :

 Vegas and the Kingpin: The docking posts attach to the two mounting holes in the fender rail.

Limited Time Sale Price  $169.65

 Victory Hammer and the Jackpot: :

 Hammer and the Jackpot: The docking posts attach to the two mounting holes in the fender rail.

Limited Time Sale Price  $169.65



 Easy Tote
 Easy Tote : If you want to convert your saddlebags on your Victory Polaris Motorcycles to an easy-to-carry piece of luggage. It's a single strap with special docking posts that connect together the saddlebags when they're off the motorcycle, making them easy to carry. For use with bolt-on style saddlebags only. (From Easy Brackets)




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