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Freedom Performance Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

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 Freedom Performance Roadstar Exhaust Installation

American Made

 The Freedom Performance Exhaust system, the way it looks when you get it.

 Parts List
Small Box

  • 2 Shark tail exhaust tips (Shark tails only)

Large Box

  • 4 Mounting Screws (see photo)
  • 2 Header Pipes
  • 1 Rear Crossover pipe
  • 3 Heat Shields 2 for the headers and 1 for the cross over pipes
  • 2 Extension pipes marked left and right
  • 2 brackets left and right (see photos)

 Hardware Package

  • 8 Hose clamps
  • 3 Muffler Clamps
  • 4 Carriage Bolts w/bolt, nuts & washers
  • 2 Right brackets bolts & nuts
  • 1 brake line mounting bolt w/nut

 Helpful Tips!

  • Read everything twice before you start the installation
  • Use Loctite only where the Yamaha Manual says to do so.
  • Don't use locktite when you don't need it.
  • Get the torque specifications from the Yamaha manual
  • Use Aniti-Seize with exhaust bolts on header
  • Don't tighten the bolts untill everything is set in place

 Step 1. Remove bolts from right floorboard

There are 2 bolts under the floorboard that can either be loosened or remove the bolts and floorboard completely.

 Step 2. Remove the existing exhaust system from your motorcycle

See Yamaha service manual for complete removal instructions. Take extreme care as you don't want to scratch or hurt your existing exhaust system.

 Step 3. Install Right Bracket

Install the right bracket, note the little dog ear at the top is for the brake line holder, a bolt is supplied for this installation. The bracket goes behind the frame.

 Step 4. Install Left Bracket

Install the left bracket, using the existing bolts after you remove the silverado plate (see photo below, you may not have one).

 Step 5. Install the header pipe heatshields

You can mark the location of the clamp to make installation easier.

 Step 6. Install the header pipes

You may want to replace the gaskets in the header pipes to save you a problem down the road.

 Step 7. Stand back, look how nice.

 Step 8. Install the exhaust pipes

Place the clamp over the end of the exhaust system, work the exhaust over the header pipe and clamp (additioanl photos below), your seams should be perfect, if they are not do it again. Sometime the clamp has slipped back and does not allow a good seam, reposition it and try again. Once the seams look great install the carriage bolts.

 Step 9. Install the tips

Position and install your tips, align everything and tighten the bolts from the header back to the exhaust. It's best to have a friend help you with alignment.

 Step 10. (Optional) Cut the bolts on the clamps

 Some other photos that will help with the installation

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